Void / Drones starts from the concept that every form has a sound and vice-versa. Just like a musical drone, said forms represent immobility through a slow and obsessive micro-modulation of solid blocks of sound that take life in my shots morphing into visual monoliths that fill space and time to create metaphysical landscapes. Shapes, forms and mundane details depicted as alien, yet immersive, images. Rhythm also plays a relevant role in my work. The endless search for absence through the repetition of minimal rhythmic patterns.

A martial, almost pragmatic, aesthetic. A tribute to the “man-altered” made of empty spaces where men have never actually found their place. A reassignment of spaces and volumes into aseptic and primordial geometries aimed to enhance meticulous compositions and perspectives. Surreal landscapes made of tridimensional forms juxtaposed to flattened skies that often border into artificiality. A fine line between the mere representation and the total transfiguration that should drive the viewers to destroy the boundaries between reality and imaginary. An exploration of humanity from a dehumanized point of view, a journey in which emptiness becomes the only player designated to fill the rhythm of the photographic narration.

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